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Class 2 - Online Mindful Eating Workshop - Hunger: What is it?

Do you use food to comfort, punish or numb yourself? Do you continually diet or restrict what you eat? Do you feel like you no longer have the ability to eat normally?

If you want to develop a healthier relationship with food, so that eating takes a balanced place in your life, mindful eating is for you! 

In this experiential mindful-eating journey, you will have the opportunity to explore your relationship to eating and food. Your increased awareness and mindfulness will help foster balance, choice, wisdom and acceptance, and ultimately transform your relationship with food and the quality of your life. 

In class 2 of 10 of this experiential online mindful eating workshop you will explore your experience of hunger and learn to check in with your body and recognize sensations of hunger and begin to discern levels and kinds of hunger. 

Many people who struggle with distressed eating never feel satisfied. By bringing mindfulness to the experience of eating we can explore the different kinds of hunger we all experience so that we can take better care of ourselves.

Learn core skills of mindful eating from the comfort of your own home or office. During this 10-week workshop you will be supported with all the tools and techniques you need to start a regular mindful eating practice. No meditation experience required.

Contact me for more information or to register for this mindful eating workshop.