Choose Authenticity & Courage
Over Pretending & Perfecting

Are you ready to fully embrace and accept yourself? Would you like to understand your shame triggers and what drives that feeling of not being enough? Do you want to gain courage to own, share, and live your story?

In the Daring Way™, you'll learn to develop daily practices that transform the way you live, love, parent, and lead:

  • Identify and overcome the things that are holding you back.

  • Begin to develop "shame resilience" to learn and practice empathy for yourself and others.

  • Quiet the critical voice in your head, and embrace your imperfections.

  • Craft new ways of handling criticism, emotional pain, and discomfort.

  • Understand the components of trust and set healthy boundaries in relationships.

  • Cultivate vulnerability and courage in your life, so you can experience deep connections with others.

  • Be more accepting and compassionate with yourself and tap into your creativity to live a more intentional, authentic, and wholehearted life.


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Rising Strong™

Learn How to Rise Strong After a Setback
Move Forward with Honesty & Courage

Do you need help getting back up after a fall, disappointment or setback in a personal or professional setting? Are you going through any transitions or new chapters in your life? When we step into the arena of our lives and dare greatly in the world, we are going to fall and have “face-down” moments.

Through Rising Strong™, you'll discover how to write new endings that help you bounce back from perceived failures, and live with new confidence and determination. You'll begin to:

  • Learn tools of resilience to overcome difficult circumstances so you can get back up after a disappointment or setback without pretending or hiding.
  • Identify the stories that get in the way of you rising strong after a setback.
  • Understand the underlying aspects of the failure process and how to make better choices in those painful moments.
  • See vulnerability as true courage, and the foundation for real connection and relationship.
  • Learn how to take authorship of your story and write your own ending.

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Please email me to find out when new workshops will be offered.