Make Peace...
With Yourself. With Food. With Your Body.

From the outside, life looks good, but negative self-talk and lack of confidence is holding you back. Maybe you feel trapped by shame, self-doubt, insecurity, and fear. You don’t know how to get past your past. Or you're waiting for happiness to arrive—after you have the perfect body, relationship, family or work situation.

If you are confronted with issues that are beyond your control, I can help reduce your emotional pain by supporting you to find new ways of relating to your situation by accessing your inner wisdom and strength.


Heal Your Relationship with Food and Your Body

You are very critical of the way you look, the size of your body and what you eat. You cope with your emotions by comforting, punishing or numbing yourself with food. You know from experience that what you are doing with food and exercise provide just a temporary fix, like a band-aid, to cover your feelings of inadequacy. Deep down you fear if you stop what you are doing, you will never measure up. You keep on telling yourself, tomorrow I’ll get back on track.

As a therapist trained to support people with Eating Disorders, I can guide you through a transformative process to overcome obstacles and discover self-compassion, self-acceptance, self-confidence, and a wholehearted way of living.


Heal Your Relationship with Yourself

You are always in control, but your negative mental chatter and perfectionism is taking its toll on your life. You end up spending countless hours on projects because it has to be the best, or you procrastinate because you fear it won’t be the best. 'Good enough' just isn’t in your vocabulary. You can be downright mean to yourself, resulting in low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Maybe it feels like you don’t even know what it means to be authentic because you don’t have a sense of yourself.

A positive relationship with one’s self is the foundation for a healthy life. I help clients discover their authentic selves and cultivate a life aligned with their core values. 

Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.
— David Richio


Heal Your Relationships with Others

You are struggling with your partner or family. At times you feel disconnected and feel like they don’t get you. Perhaps you feel that you put more into your relationships than you get out of them, and feel resentful. Or you may be walking around as if on eggshells because you know your loved one can erupt at anytime. You want to untangle the difficult and confusing interactions you have with your partner or with your family members.

You need help with communicating and setting boundaries so you feel understood and your needs can be met in your relationships. I can support you in making the necessary changes so that you can begin to relate to yourself and others with more compassion and care.


Heal Your Relationship with Your Past

You have gotten through some really difficult experiences in your life and you've worked hard to put those tough times behind you. To others, it seems like your life today is going well, but you know there is something that's not quite right. Often, you have no idea why you overreact the way you do. And, lately, you may be feeling overly stressed and worried, or just numb and irritable.

This is to be expected. Those distressing or life-threatening events in your past disrupted your basic sense of safety, security, and stability.

Although you feel isolated, you are not alone. These experiences can happen to anyone. Therapy can help address your specific issues with the goal of resolving past wounds, and developing internal resources to cope with life's adversities.


Reclaim Self-Care, Self-Acceptance, Self-Confidence, and Self-Love

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